That’s what the headline said anyway about a name I shall not speak

I didn’t even
read the article.
I wouldn’t allow the ashes
of that name
space in my mouth.

That person is likely dead,
unless he/she was, like,
three years old when they dropped
that dime.

But their family may still live,
the shame and horror of the blood
in their veins and…

Even the scantily attired pretty believers: No, seriously, let’s rip ‘em new ones, the selfish dopes!

Let’s say you are

the scantily clad young lady

in the pic above —

Home, sick as a dog

in your house

because you


your pastor and congregation

when they told you

the lord would protect you

from this devil’s COVID thing.

Poor, poor, sad little





This is an absolute line in the blood-soaked sand

I can still
(somehow, difficult as it is)
even Trumpster-Morons,
even stupid/ignorant
Insurrectionist ass-hats
who believe that the
second-coming of
fuckin’ Jesus H.
is Trump. All of these are difficult
to manage, but ultimately

But you Anti-vaxxers,
you disease-spreading
pieces of Q-anon
hypocritical fuck-nuts,
not you —
For you, there is…

Epic Poetry

An Epic Poem of Love and Loss



Lindy felt the early tugs,
Her, womb becoming
tidal and loud,
the fetus, turning, crying out
a tiny beast. A braying sigh.

He calls to her.
He calls to her.

And his voice moves against her flesh,
an undulation,
his kick a caress.

Asking for a friend . . .

Publishing poems
that are only read
by a few
other poets
is a bit like
making moves on
a gorgeous woman
who has just looked at you.

What I mean is that
whatever you’re doing
that’s created that mysterious pull
is the beautiful woman is gazing
over a veil,
hiding her deepest,
secret self from you…

Slipping a Woman a ‘Roofie’ — a reconsideration on the negative aspects

As a man
writing under my real name
and not interested in
being castigated or crucified,
even if for partially just cause,
let me assure
one and all
that despite
a wide range of bad behavior,
I’ve never
slipped a woman
a knockout drug,
so that when she’s
I can have sex with her…

As an all the time fan and sometimes editor on the haven I feel a responsibility to tell our readers, that sometimes Christine . . . exaggerates her claims of sexual misadventures, but it's okay because often, she doesn't!!

Terry Trueman

Author of Printz Honor winner Stuck In Neutral. Writer/poet Spokane,WA. Attempting to alienate the few not the many.

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