For when what needed to be said was said, but . . .

Image courtesy of the artist Dragana Skrepnik, used with her permission

It could happen to you too.

At NBF, WA. DC 2006, from author priv pics

Epic Poetry

Depends on where yer standing, right?


There is a beast in me

Portrait by Deborah A. Cole, photography

Be thankful for your boring life

Korean Language edition of Stuck in Neutral

Dazzle Jam pexels 1_Gucu9VHxYGnDjleFhXSeNA.jpeg

It shouldn’t matter but…

Image courtesy of Gaelle Marcel (pink tint added by author). Unsplash

Terry Trueman

Author of Printz Honor winner Stuck In Neutral. Writer/poet Spokane,WA. Attempting to alienate the few not the many.

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