And why it’s so difficult to change it

The primary function

of the present day Republican party

is to STOP any and all progress or change.

Doing nothing is not enough for them;

stopping others from doing anything

is equally important.

Most supporters of the GOP

don’t consider their

out-loud assertions

that people of color

are getting too…

Yeah, the Beattle’s guy

Part 1.

George Harrison
said that when it’s time to die
How many records you’ve made or songs
You’ve written isn’t going to matter.

In fact, he claimed that
Many of the best songs
He’d ever made, he never wrote down
And never recorded.
He was a Beatle, of course.
He also said “Once you’ve…

Epic Poetry

An Epic Poem of Love and Loss



Lindy felt the early tugs,
Her, womb becoming
tidal and loud,
the fetus, turning, crying out
a tiny beast. A braying sigh.

He calls to her.
He calls to her.

And his voice moves against her flesh,
an undulation,
his kick a caress.

Full disclosure, even if our $Bill hadn't nodded to me in this piece, I'd still love it and give it the 50 claps I just gave it. Because it so clearly sounds just like him and on the day after Thanksgiving, my friendship with this guy (who I've never met face to face,) is one of the things for which I'm MOST thankful and appreciative.

The secret to great wealth and immortality

In my ongoing effort

to coattail along

with famous names

that make folks click on my poems,

I’m combining several

matters about which I care deeply:

The U.S. Constitution which, despite

being only a 47 tiny pages booklet,

is utterly a mystery

to the same idiots who spout

alleged devotion

Terry Trueman

Author of Printz Honor winner Stuck In Neutral. Writer/poet Spokane,WA. Attempting to alienate the few not the many.

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